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How to Play Pack 11

The ultimate test of your football player stats knowledge... Pack 11.

Each day this challenging football trumps style game will reveal 11 footballer playing cards. Each card will have footballer information and a random set of 5 statistics that will test your expertise. The aim of the game is to progress from card to card from left to right. Complete all 11 and you are the winner. All stats are based upon the 2021/22 season.

When you first open the game, a window will appear explaining ‘How to Play’. Close the box and you will see two playing cards, each showing a different footballer.

The top half of the card reveals the footballers name, their playing position, their country of origin and the club that they play for.

The lower half of the card identifies 5 random stats that are unique to that player. These stats are filled in for the card on the left, but not for the card on the right.

All you need to do is select which one of the stats on the left-hand card will be higher than, or equal to, the same stat for the next player on the card to the right. You do this by clicking one of the 5 blank circles above the ‘Select a Stat’ tab at the foot of the card. When you have selected the one stat, the tab will glow yellow with your selection reiterated. Click on the tab and the answer will be revealed.

Your answer will appear on the left-hand card. ‘Green’ means correct. ‘Yellow’ means incorrect. This is a (yellow card) warning that if you get another card guess wrong, you will be red carded and sent off the game. If so, you will have to refresh to start at the beginning of the game again, or wait until tomorrow for the next pack!

However, if you are a serious contender, you must persevere and finish the game. You must complete all 11 cards to win the game. This is no mean feat, only the most knowledgeable can claim the true ‘Statto’ status.

Respect, you have guessed all 11 cards correctly. You can now share your score with your mates on social media. A dialogue will appear displaying your stats to examine and showing a ‘Share’ box. Click on this button and ‘Game copied to clipboard’ will flash up. You can now paste your results into Twitter, WhatsApp etc.

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