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How to Play Who Are Ya?

The football quiz game that is ... Just for ‘Kicks on the Net’

The rules of this unique football quiz are simple. When you first open ‘Who Are Ya?’, you will be able to see the game’s name at the very top alongside which number quiz you’re playing.

As part of the pre-game warm up, you can select if you want to play the original Big 5 league’s version, or select any of the famous leagues across the world. For the Big 5 game, you must guess a footballer that plays in any of the 5 main European leagues… Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga.

If you want to focus upon and guess a player from one of your favourite football leagues, then simply click on a nations flag of your choice. The world-wide football leagues to choose from include: Premier League (England), Bundesliga (Germany), La Liga (Spain), Serie A (Italy), Major League Soccer (USA), Brasileirão (Brazil), Primeira Liga (Portugal) and Ligue 1 (France).

Another decision to make before you kick off is whether you want to play the easy or hard version. Click ‘Show Photo’ for an easier game or if you think you’re good enough click ‘Hide Photo’ for the more difficult version.

With ‘Show Photo’ you will see an extremely blurry image of the player that you must guess. Then, with each subsequent unsuccessful attempt, the image will become slightly less blurred and slowly reveal the player’s identity.

Obviously, it is harder if you choose to ‘Hide Photo’ and would recommend playing this mode if you spend too much time playing Fifa.

Have you chosen which quiz game to play then? Are you ready to start? The game opens to show a box (below the image if applicable) telling you that this is your 1st guess of 8.

Start typing in the surname of a footballer who plays in the league or leagues that you have chosen. When you enter just two letters of the player’s name, a list of player name suggestions will appear. Utilising this function, you can just click on the name of the footballer to confirm your guess.

When you make a guess, the player’s details will load up below their blurred image and this image will be a little less blurred than the original one.

You will see a row of 5 or 6 tiles below the player’s name.

The Big 5 European league game has 6 tiles which represent the player’s nationality, the league and club they’re playing in, the position in which they play, their age and shirt number. If you guessed any of these tiles correctly, they’ll be coloured in green, thus helping you narrow down the right answer in your future attempts. If the correct player doesn’t have any matches with the player you guessed, all 6 tiles will be grey in colour.

If you select a particular league (i.e. LaLiga) then 5 tiles will be displayed, the player’s nationality, the club that they play for, their position in the team, their age and shirt number.

The more the number of green tiles, the easier it will be for you to make the right guess and in fewer attempts.

Back of the Net! Well done, you have guessed the correct player and you can now share your score with your mates on social media. A dialog will appear displaying your stats to examine and showing a ‘Share’ button. Click on this and you will able to share your results on Twitter, WhatsApp etc.

Supporting Information:

Are you struggling with your guesses?

After 3 guesses, you can click the button… ‘Reveal Clue’, to help you by showing either the players position, club or nation.

When does Who Are Ya reset?

Just like Wordle, ‘Who Are Ya?’ resets every day at midnight local time. This means you can get a new quiz when the clock strikes 12am in your region. When you finish the game you will see your stats. In the same dialog you’ll see the time remaining for the next quiz under the ‘New footballer in’ label.

How to play old quizzes on Who Are Ya?

Who Are Ya? lets you play older challenges other than today’s quiz. To play an older quiz, go to Who Are Ya? and click on the Calendar icon on the left side of the player image.

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